Women's Democratic Club of Muskingum County

Our Purpose:
To unite women of the Democratic Party
To encourage active participation of women in politics
To promote community and educational functions
To promote the principles of the Democratic Party

Why we are PROUD to be Democrats!

The Democratic Party's achievements that benefit us all:

  • Social Security Act
  • GI Bill of Rights
  • Civil Rights Act
  • Fair Labor Standards:  Minimum Wage, 8 Hour Day, 40 Hour Week, Overtime Pay, Child Labor Laws
  • Federal Farm Loan Act
  • Safe Food, Drug, Air and Water Acts
  • Pell Grants/Student Loan Reform
  • Women's Right to Vote
  • Hate Crimes Prevention Act
  • Free Public Schools
  • Family & Medical Leave Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Voting Rights Act
  • American Reinvestment & Recovery Act
  • Fair Pay Act
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Affordable Care Act

November 8, 2016 General Election

DEMOCRATS on Muskingum County Ballots

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  President   Hillary Clinton
  Vice President   Tim Kaine
  US Senate   Ted Strickland
  US House of Representatives, 6th District*

  Michael Lorentz

  US House of Representatives, 12th District**
  Ed Albertson
  Muskingum County Commissioner   Jerry Lavy
  Muskingum County Commissioner   Dale Phillips
  Ohio Board of Education, 9th District
  Stephanie Dodd
  Ohio Supreme Court
  Judge John P. O'Donnell
  Ohio Supreme Court
  Judge Cynthia Rice
  Ohio 5th Court of Appeals
  Earle E. Wise


Muskingum County is in 2 congressional districts, which dilutes the county's voice in the U. S. House of Representatives.

*6th District contains Zanesville Ward 1B precinct 2, and townships--Adams, Cass, Highland, Jackson (Frazeysburg), Dresden North, Dresden South, Licking A and B, Madison, Monroe, Muskingum A-C, Perry North and South, Salem, New Concord, Norwich, Union, Washington A-C.

**12th District contains Zanesville Wards 1A, 1B precinct 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 5C, 6A, 6B, 6C, and townships—Blue Rock, Brush Creek, Clay, Falls A-H, Harrison (contains Philo), Hopewell A-C, Meigs, Newton (contains Fultonham, Ironspot, Moxahala, Rolling Plains, White Cottage), Rich Hill, Salt Creek, S. Zanesville, Springfield A-C, Wayne (contains Wayne Twp. A-C, and Duncan Falls).

The current congressional map, based on the 2010 census, was gerrymandered to favor Republicans.  Districts are NOT compact:

6th Congressional District (left), 12th District on right


Muskingum Women Democrats Club:
Club President:  Melanie Kish
Vice President:  Nancy Harvey
Treasurer:  Barbara Anderson 
Recording Secretary:  Martha Sullivan
Webmaster, Corresponding Secretary:  Gretchen Fathauer

July 2014 Ice Cream Social
some of our club members with Ohio Secretary of State candidate Nina Turner

July 2016 Ice Cream Social

Guest Speakers:
Ed Albertson, candidate for Ohio 12th Congressional District

Stephanie Dodd, candidate for Ohio State School Board
Frances Strickland, wife of U.S. Senate candidate, Ted Strickland
Earl Wise, candidate for Ohio 5th District Court of Appeals

(Photos, Martha Sullivan)

Help end voter suppression!

to demand that Congress restore the Voting Rights Act.

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Dale Phillips, candidate for County Commissioner,
receiving a donation for his campaign from our PAC.

Election Results in Muskingum County, Nov. 8, 2016

President, Donald J. Trump (R)
Vice President, Mike Pence (R)
U. S. Senate, Rob Portman (R)
U. S. House, 12th District, Pat Tiberi (R)
U. S. House, 6th District, Bill Johnson (R)
County Commissioners, Cindy Cameron (R) and Molly Crooks (R)
Ohio Supreme Court, Pat Fischer (R) and Pat DeWine (R)
Court of Appeals, David Gormley (R)

Upcoming Events

Sat., Nov. 12, starting at noon, WDC November luncheon meeting will be held at the Tree House located on the corner of Market and 4th Streets, Zanesville.  A monetary collection for Transitions will take place at the meeting. Please RSVP to Martha Sullivan @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 740-704-3344 if you plan to attend the meeting.  This replaces the meeting that would have normally taken place Tue., Nov. 15.  No monthly meeting will be held in December.

Wed., Nov. 16, 7:30 pm, Muskingum County Democrats meeting, at 46 S. 6th St., Zanesville.  No monthly meeting will be held in December.

The Women's Democratic Club of Muskingum County meets on 3rd Tuesdays, 7 pm 
at Gant House, 1845 W. Main St., Zanesville...no longer at Democratic Headquarters, 46 S. 6th St., Zanesville
We no longer meet Mondays; at the January 2016 meeting it was changed to Tuesdays.

Gant House, 1845 W. Main St., Zanesville,
where the Women's Democratic Club meets.

Democratic Headquarters, 46 S. 6th St., Zanesville,
where Muskingum County Democrats Club meets.

Our concession stand at Memorial Band Concerts,
Zane's Landing Park, Zanesville.
(Martha Sullivan and Amy Underwood)


(Mary Shrader, Sandy Gentry and Mary Bates, at 2012 Ice Cream Social)

90th Birthday party, 2013

Update on Mary Shrader:
Mary has moved.  She'd welcome cards and letters.

Mary Shrader
Wingate Residence
353 Blackstone Blvd., Apt. 4315
Providence, RI 02906

Tuesday, Mar. 15, Democratic Primary Election Results:

President:  Hillary Clinton

US Senate:  Ted Strickland

US Congress, 6th District:  Michael L. Lorentz
US Congress, 12th District:  Edward Albertson

Ohio Supreme Court--John P. O'Donnell, Cynthia Rice
Ohio 5th Court of Appeals--Earle Wise

Muskingum County Commissioner--Jerry Lavy, Dale Phillips

Muskingum County Democratic Party Central Committee:
(Committee members who were appointed have been added to this list.)
1st Ward, Becky Sheline (appointed)
2nd Ward, Grant A. Hutcheson
3rd Ward, Ted Zakany (appointed)
4th Ward, Scott Hillis
5th Ward, James M. Crannell
6th Ward, Martha J. Sullivan
Blue Rock Twp., Gretchen J. Fathauer
Brush Creek Twp., Robert J. Pletcher
Falls Twp., Bobbie Durfee (appointed)
Harrison Twp., Lloyd R. Miller
Highland Twp., Connie Sue Laris (appointed)
Hopewell Twp., Melanie Kish
Jackson Twp., Robert Hindel (appointed)
Jefferson Twp., John L. Furek
Meigs Twp., Sondra Weaver (appointed)
Monroe Twp., Charles F. Klein
Muskingum Twp., James McGreevy
Newton Twp., Michael Hutchison (appointed)
Perry Twp., Marlee Gibson
Salem Twp., David Blackstone (appointed)
Salt Creek Twp., Cheryl Wyatt
Springfield Twp., Bernard Reilly
Union Twp., Joe Pastre
Wayne Twp., Barry McElfresh

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Ian Dooley receiving a scholarship from Muskingum County Democrats;
Bobbie Durfee, Ian, and Jim Crannell

 Heartbeat Bill - Our club urges our members to protest this bill by writing to:

Troy Balderson
Senate Capital Building 1
Capitol Square, Ground Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone:  614-266-8976

TPP "Free Trade" Deal

Jim Crannell is strongly opposed to the TPP "Free Trade" agreement that is now being debated in Congress, and brought several article printouts to the June 17, 2015 meeting of the Muskingum County Democrats Club.  He has been researching this issue, and shared with the club some articles. He urged us all to ask our representatives to block this deal.

Sen. Sherrod Brown has been speaking out against this deal.  Bernie Sanders has consistently opposed proposed free trade agreements, and Hillary Clinton has more recently opposed the TPP as well.

Here are links to these articles:

How the Shenanigans in Congress Over the TPP Trade Deal Threatens the Fundamentals of Our Democracy

How the TPP Amounts to a Corporate Takeover

Awesome Power Is On the Verge of Being Handed Over to Private Banks If TPP Passes

Ponzi Scheme America - You’ve Been Scammed! 

Will TPP Kill the Post Office?

The Real Meaning of Obama’s Trade Defeat

What the TPP Really Means: The Weakening of Capitalism

TPP Reduces Human Trafficking and Child Labor to Misdemeanors

Is the TPP Okay With Slavery? Really?

WikiLeaks Strikes Again: Leaked TISA Docs Expose Corporate Plan for Reshaping Global Economy

Is US Trade Rep a Wall Street Crony? Groups Demand Transparency

Barney Frank: Obama Is Making 'A Big Mistake' On TPP

Progressive Change Campaign Committee--Facebook page, scroll down to June 2

Progressive Change Campaign Petition: Tell Congress: Vote NO on fast track for fake trade agreements that kill jobs